The legal service category is undergoing seismic change - culturally, and in practice. The way firms elect to resource and collaborate has changed.

Crucially, our customer’s expectations have changed. They reasonably assume that law firms will be transparent, accountable brand citizens in the real world and the online space.

This change creates an incredible opportunity for law practices to rise to the challenge of investing in meaningful communication with their referral partners and client audience. And that’s where social media come to the fore.


marketing for lawyers

use social media to your advantage

Ruby Assembly are leading digital strategists who specialise in extraordinary, meaningful content that connects customers to legal practices.

Our Social Media for Lawyers eBook offers key insights to amplify your voice in the social media space. Director Iolanthe Gabrie’s pragmatic thinkpiece unpacks:

Why it’s so critical that your practice utilises social media intelligently,

Which platforms your practice should use, and how to maximise each platform’s power, and

What ideal content mix your legal practice should aim to curate for best effect.


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