ABOUT RUBY assembly

Ruby Assembly’s categories of expertise include:
  • Real Estate and Property Development
  • Law
  • Finance
  • Accommodation and Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Franchises
  • Technology and Software
  • Allied Health Services (Psychologists, Counsellors)
  • Government
  • Retail and eCommerce
  • Services (Coaches, Trades)

More Than Likes

Ruby Assembly is Melbourne’s social media agency.

Since 2009, Ruby Assembly has delivered exceptional outsourced social media content for businesses, brands and individuals. Steeped in digital culture and focused on creating meaningful and intelligent content for their clients, Ruby Assembly is one of Australia’s most experienced specialist social media agencies.

Ruby Assembly offer a full suite of content services including social media management, copywriting and blogging, newsletters and eBooks.

THE Team

iolanthe gabrie melbourne


Digital polymath, Australian culture and commerce influencer, and Director of Ruby Assembly, Iolanthe Gabrie pairs rich ideas founded in classical education with brave guerrilla strategy to create inimitable content of depth, humour and interest. 

A sought-after brand collaborator and authority in Melbourne's digital strategy, commercial writing and blogging communities, Iolanthe specialises in building exceptional online voices and developing productive, engaged communities across social media platforms for businesses, individuals and organisations.

Iolanthe is an award-winning commercial blogger and popular digital identity with strong communities across her two digital publications: Ruby Assembly and Hometruths Melbourne

Regularly called upon to deliver keynote addresses on digital media and the commercial application of social media, Iolanthe is a tutor at RMIT and also facilitates popular courses including 'What to Expect When You're Expecting a Business' and 'Leader of the Pack'. She is also the curator of Serious Women's Business: Northside.


My favourite social media platform is Facebook. I thought long and hard about this question: my initial response was Instagram because of the attractive, purely visual feed it provides (and the shopping tips it offer me). But despite the advert-heavy mix of content on Facebook, I remain steadfastly enamoured with Facebook Groups. It is within these quasi-private group spaces that I learn the most, and feel the greatest sense of connection with my peers.


Slack! This magical app allows the Ruby Assembly team to share our work securely with each other and our clients in real time. Slack helps us to work collaboratively from our beautiful Brunswick East studio, from our home offices and from our regional retreats - it makes modern businesses truly mobile and improves our lifestyles in one intuitive package.


Australia is in an interesting place socially and economically. Consumers are spoiled for choice when it comes to the retail market - they’re being courted by multinationals with huge purchasing power, offering inexpensive consumer goods both online and in shopping megaplexes. At the same time, the community are aching for real world connection and trusted referrals. It’s in this space that local businesses can cut a swathe through their competition (whether they’re in the next postcode or the next hemisphere). Social media is the most cost-effective, intelligent and targeted method of introducing new clients to your business. Simply put, being active on social media is now essential for all businesses and identities - it’s the basic level of accountability and brand hygiene expected of legitimate concerns.

georgia castricum melbourne


Georgia Castricum is a Brunswick-based digital strategist and copywriter, hailing from North East Victoria. Having relocated to Melbourne to complete her tertiary studies, Georgia has been managing brand identities across a variety of categories in the social media space for nearly a decade. ‘Whether our clients are lawyers, recruiters or arts organisations - creating thought-provoking content in unexpected ways is a pleasurable challenge,’ she says.

A creative individual with a passion for storytelling in the digital landscape, Georgia spends much of her time reading and writing young adult fiction, inspired by her childhood amongst the bushfires, floods and snowfields of Victoria’s Alpine region. Georgia loves a snappy Instagram caption, has a passion for pop culture and uses Twitter primarily for keeping track of her favourite boybands when they’re in town - including (but not limited to) One Direction, Hanson and the Bee Gees.


It’s a tie between Instagram and Twitter. I consume much of my news through Twitter and appreciate getting a short, sharp, 140-character snapshot of what is going on in the world. At the same time, I love crafting a good Instagram caption.


The Macquarie Concise Dictionary app! I purchased this app at the beginning of 2017 and have used it religiously since. Working with words every day, spelling mistakes are inevitable (and embarrassing!), so the Dictionary app is my go-to.


Facebook is climbing to the 2 billion user mark. Instagram currently has around 700 million users - that’s 100 million users for each year that Instagram has been in use. If you want your brand’s voice to be heard, social media undoubtedly is your platform. Go where the people are!

social media for small business

Mabelle Hanna

Based in Melbourne, Mabelle Hanna studied at the Australian Academy of Design where she obtained a degree in Graphic and Digital Design/Advertising Communications… and an avid appreciation for coffee. She is passionate about merging the realms of design, marketing and copywriting to create stellar content for a range of clients and industries. 

Motivated by seeing her branding and strategy concepts come to life, Mabelle helps brands to grow in both  digital and physical spaces. In her spare time, Mabelle enjoys attending live music gigs, being a self-proclaimed “hip-hop head” and styling fashion runways / photoshoots. Originally drawn to the unique client portfolio and creative passion of Ruby Assembly, she instantly recognised it as a workplace that would nurture ideas and support growth. 

Favourite social media platform and why?

It’s a tie between Instagram and Facebook for me. Of course, I love the aesthetic side of Instagram and the ability to curate a profile that succinctly communicates anything you intend. However, I feel that users have developed shorter attention spans, meaning content can often get lost in the deluge. I feel that Facebook allows you to share more fully-realised opinions, and the hosting of bespoke groups on this platform fosters a unique sense of community. 

What is your favourite app and why?

Spotify! I think this streaming app has transformed the way we experience music. I use it on a daily basis, from inspiring podcasts to an extensive variety of music choices - there’s something on there to suit every mood. 

Why is social media so essential to Australian businesses?

Social media really is today’s most efficient marketing tool! Not only is it essential to boost exposure and revenue, it has also provided an opportunity for businesses to build rapport and direct engagement with customers. Social media is an ideal way for businesses to compile customer feedback, market research and broaden your demographic. 

An Expert Team

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